Rachel Garcia and Lory Fabbi

Service through Love

Lory and Rachel own and run Cactus and Lace Weddings as a true labor of love. We honestly care for our clients and try to connect with you through service. To us, that means from the very beginning, we get to know you and provide for all your needs. We actively discuss your happiness and seek ways to help you feel loved, pampered, and cared for on your wedding day. We want our couples to cherish the memory of their day together, to remember the joyful wonder that we experienced with you. Your wedding day is as exciting for us as it is for you! .


cactus & lace weddings | las vegas wedding in the desert

Cactus and Lace Weddings specialize in intimate, romantic elopements in the raw beauty of the desert, near Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide an effortless, and personalized wedding experience by planning, and organizing all the details, as well as photographing all the moments of the day. We do the work for you, so you don’t have to!

Meet the Team

We can't do this alone.  Meet our amazing team.


Rachel is a bit of a wild child and loves artistic photography in all forms. With a commercial photographer degree, Rachel has been photographing weddings for over 10 years. As she handles most of the client communication, Rachel is often the one answering emails and phone calls. Her hyper-organization skills come in handy here as she also balances a young family of her own.


Lory is sensitive and full of emotion. Kind hearted to the core, she sees how others feel and puts their needs first. Lory handles most of the back end business details, keeping our little boat afloat. Cactus and Lace was her brain child from the beginning. She used to photograph weddings at Valley of Fire and saw how other wedding vendors were offering the basics in the cheapest way possible. She thought, “I can do this better than that…” And so she did. :)


Working behind the scenes, Amanda keeps us from losing our heads by picking up the slack in any needed areas. She helps us handle emails, social media, and other odd jobs. She is indispensable as our assistant on the day of the wedding, stepping in wherever needed. Amanda carries furniture, keeps an eye on the timeline, cuts the cake slices and pours champagne for all the guests. (Just a shout out here to her wonderful husband, Tommy, as well, who acts as our handyman and helps us with all our random projects.)


Our wonderful Alexandra loves all things vintage and provides a keen stylistic eye on the day of the wedding as she helps with wedding setup and decor. Our second assistant, she’s such a champ about carrying furniture, washing dishes and as so much more. She has also become our seamstress, sewing up fabric edges and cloth decor.


Reyanna actually started out as our business partner when we were bringing Cactus and Lace to life. But due to her overwhelming success as a photographer, she needed to bow out of the everyday business of Cactus and Lace to keep her life in balance. She now acts as our preferred backup photographer or assistant if we need a little extra help. One of Reyanna’s many talents is her amazing skill as a professional editing retoucher. Reyanna has always done and will continue to do the image editing for all Cactus and Lace weddings.