Starry, starry night. Ballads are written over such an evening like this. And an elopement under the moon and the stars? Heavenly. A wedding dress of glittering gossamer with celestial undertones and sheer stars woven in an intricate design. And the best laid plans.

Weddings are notoriously fickle. Most of the time, the day flows like peaceful, fast moving river. But every once in a while, a cog gets thrown in the wheel and that wedding takes on a mind of its own and we just roll with every twist and turn. And usually, all is right at the end. Because love is at the helm. Such was the story of Heather and Jeff. And what a story to remember! Even we couldn’t believe all the twists and turns. Lean in, and let us enlighten you on this star filled journey.

This was a true elopement for Heather and Jeff, a day planned for just the two of them. The plan was to arrive in a rented vintage Pink Cadillac driven by themselves. Just after leaving Las Vegas, gassing up at the local Loves gas station (how fitting), that old vintage Caddy gave up the ghost, in a fit of sputtering, coughing and a bunch of smoke! Stuck out on the highway, this couple all dressed in their wedding attire, decided to hitch a ride with a kind stranger who gave them a ride all the way to Valley of Fire. Blessings kind stranger! Arriving about 45 minutes later than planned, with just a short amount of daylight left, the rush was on to get these two married before it became pitch black out on the desert floor. We are all natural light photographers here at Cactus, but luckily, we are ever prepared, and our photographer Rachel pulled out her trusty flash and the wedding continued long after that sun set.

The moral of this story is found in how this couple handled all this. Not only did the wedding have hiccups, but earlier that day, our bride found out her beloved grandma had passed away that morning. And yet, they persevered, jumping hurdle after hurdle, holding hands the whole time.

How did they get home after all that? A friend came all the way to Valley of Fire to pick them up, almost an hour in the dark after the ceremony ended. This couple really had a great attitude about it all, from start to finish. These are the memories that stay long after the day ends. From the stars in her eyes, the stars on her dress and purse, to the stars in her hair, stars on the cake, and stars in the floral arrangement, this wedding was star-filled, start to finish.

Heather and Jeff, congratulations on your marriage and the very best wishes to you!

All-inclusive Planning: Cactus and Lace Weddings

Location: Valley of Fire – Visitor Center

Officiant: Jacoba of Peachy Keen

Desserts: Caked Las Vegas

Florals: The Front Porch Flowers

Hair and Makeup: Ruby Finch Salon

Photography: Rachel Garcia of Cactus and Lace Weddings

Moon and Stars Cake Topper: MissUpcycled

Starry Night Wedding at Dusk in Valley of Fire: Heather & Jeff

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