Just like her name, Windy was a breath of fresh air, entering our lives here at Cactus and Lace like a desert breeze. She and Don loved each other, and had decided in a matter of days to get married while in Vegas for a convention! Talk about a whirlwind wedding! We had just a week to plan, but for Windy and Don, the location at Rainbow Vista in the Valley of Fire was just perfect for them.

How did this all come about, you ask? Don and Windy were adventuring, out in the wilds of Utah, in Moab, and got engaged, with their engagement shots taken literally while on a cliff, high above the valley. So, what better way to get married than the same way, out in raw nature, only this time, in the raw wild desert vistas found in Valley of Fire. Don works with custom cars and was coming for a convention in Las Vegas. Boom, wedding solution. The wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas. But these two are adventurers, remember, so a tame wedding at a wedding chapel was not in the cards for them. Windy saw an elopement we had created for a “just the two of us” kind of couple and got in touch with us right away. With just a week or two advance notice, we were able to put all the lovely touches on their mini elopement, for just the two of them, and their cute dog, Cabela. Windy found a lovely, boho dress in an amazing soft blush tawny color which went perfectly with the colors of rock at Rainbow Vista. Windy is still in happy awe of the beauty of Rainbow Vista, and how amazing she and Don looked posed on our own red fire cliffs.

And almost stealing the show, Cabela, their King Charles Cavalier Spaniel was the bridesmaid, wearing a cute scarf that said, “I Do Too” and a little flower arrangement of her own. Windy and Don had overcome some challenges just to get to Vegas. Wildfires all over their home state had caused a week-long power outage for them, and Windy was not even sure the planes would be flying out. But all went well, power was restored and Windy and Don made it to Vegas! Whew!

Mini elopements are so fun for us, here at Cactus, because it is just for them, our daring couple, literally running off to Vegas to get married! We love it! And we can often fit these types of elopements in, just for the two of them, with a little flexibility from our couples on dates, even when we are fully booked with larger weddings.

Congratulations Windy and Don! We are so happy for you! Big hugs to Cabela and Best Wishes for a lifetime of happiness and more adventuring! Love, Cactus and Lace Weddings!


All-inclusive Planning: Cactus and Lace Weddings

Location: Valley of Fire – Rainbow Vista

Officiant: Amanda Monk of Cactus and Lace Weddings

Flowers: The Front Porch Flowers

Photography: Lory Fabbi of Cactus and Lace Weddings

A true wedding elopement with their dog as the only witness |Windy & Don

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