You want everyone to have a happy, relaxed, and safe experience at your wedding, right? Whether that happens to include either alcohol or non-alcoholic drink options, here are suggestions on how to party in the desert!

Non-alcoholic wedding:

Here at Cactus and Lace Weddings, our business has chosen to not secure a liquor license. So we often outsource that option and bring in bartenders licensed to help provide that service.

We have a lot of great options for having a lot of sober fun with wedding drinks. We can offer infused water bar, Sparkling cider, a Coffee bar, Beautiful soda bottles, or Sparkling waters. We can handle supplying all those types of drinks, just let us know what you’d like.

If you are looking for ways to wow your guests without alcoholic options, you might consider making it about the sweets instead of the booze. Popsicles, Cupcakes, Cookies, Hot Chocolate bar, Doughnuts; we can make any of that happen to give your day so special treats. Mmmmm. Our sweet tooth loves that! And again, we’d be able to secure and supply these specialty treats.

A positive to this easy and most affordable option is that it works in all situations! No designated driver needed. Any guest driving themselves out to the wedding will be a sober driver returning home. You can feel safe knowing that all your guests will leave with zero chance of driving under the influence. Our guests absolutely love these fun and alcohol free options!

Easy adult beverage options:

A great and easy way to have adult beverages at your weddings is to provide your own easy-to-serve drinks. Single-serve cans or bottles of beer, wine coolers, or any other of your favorite self serve alcoholic beverages can be brought out to Valley of Fire with you on your wedding day. This option is budget-friendly and fast to serve. Make this easy on yourself, your budget, and your guests. We can make sure that when you arrive, we will get it chilled and on ice right away so it’s cold after the ceremony and ready to break open.

If you are wanting to have a formal champagne toast for your post-ceremony celebration we can help with that. We can have ice buckets and champagne flutes ready for you and even help pour those drinks. You would just bring those champagne bottles with you on the wedding day for everyone to have a glass to toast with. (We estimate at least one bottle per 5 people.)

Hire a bartender:

Want signature mixed drinks? We can suggest a great bartender who can be onsite for the entirety of your wedding for everyone to drink at their leisure. You’d hire the bartender separate from your wedding package with Cactus and Lace so that you can work out the exact drinks and costs directly with your bartender. We’d work closely with the bartender on drinks signs, bar style, florals, and decor to ensure that the bar is a seemly addition to your wedding style.

May we suggest: SweetSauce or Wandering Box Bar

Wandering Bar Box has the adorable converted vintage horse trailer that serves as a wonderful decor focal point to a outdoor wedding. We love this woman owner business, and these ladies who can serve as the bartenders as well. Or we can just rent the cute trailer to serve as coffee bar or other food service with our wonderful Carmen from SweetSauce.

Have it all with a full trailer and bar set up!

If you’ve got a big party and you want the bar to be the main highlight of the event then a large fully licensed bar is for you! They can have all the goodies, with options for having them take care of everything. These companies offer non-alcoholic options as well, to cover all the bases of your guest’s comfort.

May we also suggest: Trixie’s Mobile Bar

Trixie is a 1973 Caravan trailer that has been modified to serve as a quaint bar. Her nifty teal and white exterior creates a great focal point and anchor for lots of photo ops as well as provide a covered bar for bartending.

Cheers and Love, The Cactus and Lace Team

Vendors from our stylized shoot:

All-inclusive Planning: Cactus and Lace Weddings

Bar: Wandering Bar Box

Bartending: SweetSauce

Desserts: Fatty’s Punk Rock Bakery

Florals: The Front Porch Flowers

Location: Valley of Fire

Photography: Lory Fabbi, Amanda Monk and Rachel Garcia of Cactus and Lace Weddings

Wedding Bar Options for Outdoor Receptions – Las Vegas, Nevada

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