The more things change; the more they stay the same. Yes, we’ve had some pretty BIG changes here at Cactus and Lace this new year, but it’s still us! The gang is all still here, we’ve just been playing musical chairs a bit and changed up our positions.

So if you have been following us for a while you know that Rachel and Lory have been the owners and founders of Cactus and Lace and have been rocking that duo for several years. It’s been years of hard work, laughter, tears, and treasured memories. But because of personal life changes for both Lory and Rachel; they were ready to step down from such big responsibilities. And Kayla was wanting to step in as the solo owner of Cactus and Lace.

Now even though we’ve changed things up a bit we are still here for more wedding adventures here in the Las Vegas desert weddings. So though things have changed, they really have just stayed the same. We are all here for you!

So yet again let us reintroduce our team with our new titles and jobs as well as a few fresh faces:

Kayla: Owner, Photographer, and Planner

Kayla is our new fearless leader! But she also is a talented photographer and has unique ways of capturing her vision when photographing those special moments. We love her sweet, unassuming, kind spirit. She is also one amazing talented builder and crafts large projects for us like arches and all things construction related. 

Rachel: Photographer and Planner

Rachel is a newlywed! (Check here to see her wedding in Cathedral Gorge last year.) So her new life in Utah has her working only part-time to travel back to Nevada for weddings with Cactus and Lace. She’s been a staple of Cactus and Lace from the beginning and is so glad to be able to continue with Cactus and Lace as the business grows and evolves.

Amanda: Photographer, Planner and Officiant

Amanda has really taken a hold of all things weddings. Literally, she does a bit of everything! Wedding planning, photography, and now being a Nevada-licensed officiant. She’s a tiny ball of spunky fun; and a joy to have around.

Lory: Photographer and Planner

Lory’s passion to serve others and selfless love keeps inspiring us to do our best. As a photographer, she has an eye for catching those special emotional moments. But for the time being, she’s stepping back a bit to focus on family. Lory is focusing her limited Cactus and Lace efforts into taking on our True Elopements Package – no decor, no fuss, just permits, officiant, and photographer for one flat rate.

Torrey: Administrator and Assistant

Torrey is our IT girl! We are honestly trying to figure out how we used to do it without her! As a wedding day assistant, she is all over the place making sure everything is in place and running smoothly. She is also the front-line in managing our emails and handling a lot of backend marketing tasks. She is a true gem and we are so grateful to have our Torrey! 

Sunny: Clerk and Assistant

Sunny’s organization and get-it-done attitude really keep us steady in those crazy busy wedding seasons. She handles all of our shipping and post-wedding client communication. Sunny and Torrey are sisters and though they each have their own unique personalities, they both have an amazing work ethic. We are so blessed to have them around! They are usually the assistant on most wedding days; the muscle behind the wedding day, prepping, setting up, taking care of guests, and tearing down so that the rest of us can keep our eyes and minds on all the other important details of the day.

Haley: Photographer and Assistant

Haley is a barrel of laughs and fits in perfectly with our sense of humor. Haley is a talented photographer and knows how to work hard on wedding days. She keeps us laughing, sometimes til we cry. Keep an eye out for her to begin planning very soon!

Marissa: Photographer and Planner

Marissa is our newest team member and we are so excited to have her! We can’t wait to see all the fun things she brings to our weddings. She is nothing short of a hard worker, and never sits still! On wedding days you can find her doing jumping jacks in the downtime. We love her energy and spirit.

Chelsea: Social media and Assistant

Chelsea is not a face you see too often, but she is always there behind the phone on Instagram. She’s also our bubbly little hard worker as an assistant on wedding days and we love having her on our team. She also makes many of our wedding signs and keeps our creative wheels turning.

Hope that helps you get to know our team and what we do a little bit more. We hope to be able to meet you soon and hear all about you and your love story!

Till then, all our love, The Cactus and Lace Wedding Team!

Change is the Only Constant | Cactus and Lace Team

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