Why hello there! So glad to meet you. We’ve got an updated website to show you. (You may be looking at it right now!) And we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Cactus and Lace Weddings was born from the idea that our small group of women wedding photographers could provide an effortless and beautiful wedding experience for our couple at Valley of Fire.
We have been believing and working on this dream since 2014, even before micro elopements were a thing.  We’ve served hundreds of couples and shot thousands of images. And we hope to keep on providing that wonderful wedding day service of love to many more couples.

To do that we’ve got to show you what we can do and all that we are and offer – a beautiful informative website is the best way to do that. We hope you find all the information your looking for and enjoy seeing all that we do.

Cactus and Lace Weddings is a true labor of love for us. We honestly care for our clients and try to connect with you through service. To us, that means from the very beginning, we get to know you and provide for all your needs. We actively discuss your happiness and seek ways to help you feel loved, pampered, and cared for on your wedding day. Your wedding day is as exciting for us as it is for you!

Let us introduce our team as well since it truly takes a village to do all that we do:

Rachel is the glue that holds it all together. Rachel is a do-er. She keeps us running efficiently, and is a great team leader. As one of our lead photographers, Rachel has an amazing eye for detail and a creative flare. She is always thinking outside the box, which makes for just the right amount of uniqueness that sets us apart from everyone else!

Lory is one of the founders of Cactus & Lace and now a co-owner with Rachel, and you can find her in a bit of everything we do. From the business side to the creative side, Lory does it all. She is the reason we haven’t lost our drive to provide the best possible service, as it’s her passion to serve others. She keeps us inspired and wanting to do our best, and on budget!! As a lead photographer and planner, she has an eye for catching those special emotional moments and loves the outdoors. 

Amanda is our right hand. Literally, she does a bit of everything! Wedding planning, photography, and now being a Nevada licensed officiant as well as aiding in lots of those things like social media. She is always looking to help in all ways and making sure that everyone is well taken care of. As a photographer, she has an eye for capturing candid moments with her unique vision. Her carefree personality and playful spirit make her a joy to be around. 

Kayla is our newest planner as well as continuing to assist on wedding days with prep, set up and take down. But she also is a talented photographer and has unique ways of capturing her vision when photographing those special moments. We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with her sweet, unassuming, kind spirit. She is also one amazing talented builder and crafts large projects for us like arches and all things construction related. 

Torrey is such a blessing to our team, and we are honestly trying to figure out how we used to do it without her! She is much of the muscle behind the wedding day, prepping, setting up, taking care of guests and tearing down so that the rest of us can keep our eyes and minds on all the other important details of the day. She is also the front-line in managing our emails and handling a lot of backend marketing tasks. She is a true gem and we are so grateful to have our Torrey! 

We hope that gives you a sense of who we are and what we are all about. We hope to be able to meet you soon and hear all about you and your love story!

Till then, all our love, The Cactus and Lace Wedding Team!

Images and Editing by Reyanna Jarrel

Welcome to Cactus and Lace Weddings | New Website and Introductions



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