Emily and Justin. A simple sentence, but with worlds of love and meaning in those three words. Most of you will never meet Emily and Justin. But we wanted to somehow convey, the simple and powerful love contained in those three words, “Emily and Justin”. And to say that one plus one does not really equal two, but actually becomes a synergy of much greater value. Emily loves Justin, and Justin loves Emily. Together they are more than they are or ever will be apart. Together, Emily and Justin recently became one in marriage. They became a powerful example of love and commitment on April 7th, 2018. As we met Emily and Justin in person on their wedding day, their example of love and support for each other, was something to be cherished, and we are not sure they even knew it was happening. Emily has a very large and very solid portion of Justin’s great heart. As he saw her for the first time in her lovely wedding gown, the gown she had taken such care to search for, select, and find, he was overcome. All the emotions which had grown as they fell in love, as they grew to know and love the little things about each other, all came rushing forward as he saw her, standing there, so lovely, so still, waiting to see his reaction to seeing her in that moment. It was a priceless and poignant moment for them both.

This wedding was a little unusual. All of our planning was for an outdoor desert wedding. But nature had the final say on this couple’s actual wedding day. The winds became too much of a concern for the couple, as they contemplated how their sweet, grandparents would fare in the breezes which were sure to kick up that day. So Emily and Justin decided to sacrifice. They would forgo the desert in honor of their grandparents sake, and so their wedding ceremony was held in the Wine Room at Milo’s Restaurant, at the Cosmopolitan hotel. The wine room is very cozy, just the right size to fit all of Justin and Emily’s wedding party. So we brought their desert boho wedding to the Cosmo, as much as we could anyway. We brought the delicious semi naked cake, the lovely florals of Emily’s chosen designs, with succulents, quail feathers, pampas grass, lovely flowers, and cholla cactus accents. We set up the custom hand tied macrame backdrop in front of a wall of very expensive wine bottles. We listened to music played by the very talented acoustical guitarist, RJ Fox.  We watched as Emily and Justin, led by the lovely and very talented officiant, Angie Kelly of Peachy Keen Unions, led them in a ring warming, and we watched as they incorporated the wine ceremony into their vows, as well.

Justin and Emily made a tough decision, but they were gracious through it all. Gracious, and grateful for their love for each other and their family and friends. Graciousness is a quality not often found any more. It speaks of a feeling of being courteous, kind, showing gratitude, being pleasant. Graciousness under fire is even more impressive. And this couple was a great example of that hard to find, elusive quality of grace under fire. We were the recipients of that graciousness as well as all those around us. And when their vows were through, Emily and Justin joyfully made their way through the room, hand in hand, and literally running down the hall to hug and embrace alone, just for a moment, before being surrounded by family and loved ones.

Emily wanted a desert wedding experience, though. And we so wanted her to have that. And so, after the ceremony that night, we worked to bring that experience back to the desert. So the next day, Emily and Justin traveled to the edges of the wild desert, to the red rocks and fiery hills of what the locals call Logandale trails. A dramatic, red rock desert wilderness which is part of the fantastic Valley of Fire rock formations. Thanks to our Cactus and Lace team, and our lovely Reyanna Jarrel and her family, it became a quest to make sure that we set up decor and a stylized experience for Emily and Justin. Emily was able to feel the peace and hear the deep quiet only found on the desert floor. To feel the winds, now soft and gentle, as they ruffled the hem of her designer gown. To experience the smells of creosote and fresh clean desert air as she and Justin, held hands, and sat at a small intimate little table, and nibbled on treats of cake pops, and chocolate pretzel sticks. And to spend just a few moments to savor that desert around them.

We were going to talk about Justin and Emily’s stylish clothes, with Emily’s feather, crystal, and beaded crown- custom made by Amaroq,  her amazing modern bohemian romance designer dress by Rue de Seine, purchased at Kelly’s closet, that little boutique in Atlanta. We were going to mention Justin’s very smart suit and amazing shoes by Tom Ford of Las Vegas and beyond, and all the lovely embellishments of their particular wedding. But somehow, all that faded away when we saw these two together in what was really important.

Justin loves Emily. And Emily loves Justin.

One plus one does not always equal two. Sometimes, it equals much more.

Wedding Venue: Estiatorio Milos inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

Portrait Venue: Logandale Trails

Wedding Planning and Photography: Cactus and Lace Weddings, Lory Fabbi, Rachel Garcia, and Reyanna Jarrel, assisted by Amanda Monk with getting ready photos by Jamie Y

Hair and makeup: Ruby Finch Salon

Officiant: Peachy Keen Unions

Cake Desserts: Peridot Sweets

Flowers: The Front Porch Flowers

Guitarist: RJ Fox

Brides’s gown- Kelly’s closet of Atlanta, design – Rue De Seine

Brides’ Crown- Amaroq

Grooms’ suit and shoes- Tom Ford, Las Vegas

Emily and Justin | Las Vegas Desert Wedding with a Cosmo Twist

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