It couldn’t have been more lovely. The wedding day of Heather and Phillip had arrived and all was in readiness for this wonderful couple. The lovely, custom, florals created especially for this day were visually amazing, and the wonderful officiant Angie from Peachy Keen had created a tender ceremony to bind two people into one. Pizza, yes, pizza!, was being baked in a wood fired oven onsite. All of this today, as the Valley of Fire put on her best attire for us today, as we witnessed the wedding of our amazing couple, Heather and Phillip. These two are one of those poster couples for the United Kingdom meets America. Heather hails from Austin, Texas, and Phillip is from England. How do two people meet and fall in love over an ocean of distance like that?

It all started over a job. Heather found herself going to the United Kingdom one day, flying over the big pond to England for work. England is a lovely country, one of our favorites. A country that has great history and pageantry, and even royal weddings that occur from time to time. We like to watch those. We are giddy about weddings as you might understand. But, I digress. So even though Heather was going to a new place to work, love was not on her mind. Yet.

Pubs are all the thing in England, especially after a day on the job. So, making new friends was in order. No man (or woman) is an island, after all, as the English poet John Donne says. Phillip on the other hand, had no idea that he would be swept of his feet at a pub, of all places. So even though these two had no idea that something momentous was going to happen, they both showed up at the same pub, in that dear little English town, on that fateful day. And wouldn’t you know, time almost seemed to stand still as they met. This relationship happened in almost a glimmer of light. After just a few days of meeting and dating, Phillip was convinced that she was the one girl for him. So how do you let a girl know? With not just a little trepidation, and a lot of humor, for which he is known, after only two weeks, Phillip asked Heather, “Hypothetically, how would you like to be proposed to?” Wow! Talk about speed dating! We would have loved to see Heather’s reaction to that statement!

We won’t tell the rest of the story, there are photos to be seen below! But here we are as wedding planners, and there they are as the honored couple, speaking vows of love and commitment in our favorite place, the Seven Sisters rock formations at Valley of Fire. So Phillip, the hypothetical often becomes the reality. As a man thinketh and all that. Good job! And congratulations to both of you, on a beautiful new start to life,  from all of us here at Cactus and Lace Weddings! Cheers ya’all!


All inclusive Planning: Cactus and Lace Weddings

Location: Valley of Fire – Seven Sisters

Officiant: Peachy Keen Unions

Cake: Peridot Sweets

Flowers: The Front Porch Flowers

Guitarist: RJ Fox

Photography: Lory Fabbi and Rachel Garcia of Cactus and Lace Weddings

Phillip and Heather – America weds England in the Desert near Las Vegas, Nevada

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