They say that a rainy day is good luck for a wedding. At least, that is the wive’s tale. And for Sean and Kasey, it seemed that the old verbiage is true. For, although the day started out with a steady drizzle as Sean and Kasey and their large party of family and friends arrived at the beautiful Valley of Fire, after a short wait the clouds seemed to dry up, and we received full cooperation from Mother Nature. We loved our gentle inclement weather though, because the gentle soft rains made the red sands absolutely vibrant, and the clouds added a wonderful sense of the dramatic to our photography, and also because to keep warm, Kasey wore a lovely stole over her gown that kept her pretty warm. It looked great on her and she wore it with such grace.  To keep everyone else warm, Sweet Sauce Coffee kept everyone comfy with flavored hot chocolate and special coffee blends at her barista cart.

Kasey and Sean had special vows prepared for the ceremony for Pastor Ham to read, and there were some very lovely as well as funny moments during the ceremony. In addition, we had contacted a wonderful string quartet to serenade Kasey as she and her bridal party  proceeded down the aisle beginning with a lovely rendition of “Come Now Fount of Every Blessings”, as well as other songs. Music added a lovely touch to this very amazing wedding. During the ceremony, Kasey’s special friend played a wonderful musical piece on the guitar. And one of my favorite moments; as they listened to the special number, they cuddled together to listen and held hands. I love to see it when a couple treasures each other, holds hands, and even smooches a bit…Yay for love!

And guess what flavor they chose for the cake?  Yup, my all time favorite, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Peridot Sweets, a top notch Las Vegas bakery created a wonderfully decadent cake with silver and white delicate filigree covering each of the four corners of the two tier and very delicious cake. And sitting atop the cake were three animal figurines representing Kasey, Sean, and Mary, Sean’s sweet little daughter who is five and a cutie. A polar bear, elk and cute little cub represented the new family. And, last but not least, lining up the dessert bar were a variety of multiple cupcake offerings guaranteed to fill every sweet tooth, and decorated with purple butterflies, white polka dots on purple and lavender, and cute little miniature bouquets resembling a perfect little miniature carnation in white.

And not to be outdone, the Front Porch Flowers created a wonderful array of floral creations full of lush greens, peonies, and roses. Gracing the arch were impressive floral sprays and green cascading down the arch with flowing lavender and white fabric. Fabulous floral always brighten up even the gloomiest of weather. Such a lovely day! And Sean and Kasey ordered a lovely album of their wedding. It turned out beautifully and was delivered in a hand carved wooden keepsake walnut box.

Kasey recently said in an email to us,

Dear Rachel and Lory,
We received both packages yesterday, and everything is perfect! So many treats–I love it. Thank you for all the hard work you did. It really was such a tremendous experience and now we have beautiful ways of remembering it!
Kasey and Sean
Friday, June o2, 2017
Rachel and I would like to add, best wishes! And a long and very happy life together! Ciao!

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