Let me introduce you to our latest Cactus and Lace Wedding couple, Ashley and Gideon. We are so excited to tell their love story to you, and for you to feel the romance, and the true love they feel for each other. These two met in a little bar, and quickly became fast friends. Within a week, they went out on a date. They would spend many late nights staying out under the stars, chatting about everything under the moon, even talking about the stars themselves, in that big night sky. The was an instant connection from the very beginning.  From that same beginning, they began to make weekly traditions. Delicious weekend breakfasts, pancakes, and hot steaming coffee. Every Sunday morning. They became closer and closer, falling in love, one starry, starry night at a time, one conversation at a time, one kiss or two….

It was on a cold snowy, beautiful white December morning  that something magical happened. The beginning of a whole new level of commitment. Snow was falling softly on the trees, that morning. You know what I mean. The quiet and muffled sounds of winter, where noise is no longer. Where the only sound is that of solitude and peace. Gideon, ever the romantic, convinced Ashley to go out into that quiet, snowy, lovely day. He took her to a meandering river, which flowed slowly, ever so slowly  winding around, near their hometown, and brought her to a scenic point on a lovely bridge. In Gideon’s own words, “It is easily the second most beautiful day in our lives together.” She said yes to that ever so important question he asked her, and the rest is history.

“I absolutely love how caring, loving, compassionate, and all around great partner Ashley is. Our communication is great with each other, we never fight. We have disagreements, but never horrible fights, due to having open conversations about how we feel.  I fell in love with Ashley when I knew I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

Meeting Ashley on the day of wedding day, what struck us was her vibrancy. She is a vibrant, glowing,  human being. She literally emanates love and joyful energy.  The dress she chose for her wedding dress was one we immediately fell in love with. We loved the silver color, the glam, the glitz of this dress. Elegant, sparkly, and sassy at the same time. We heard about how amazing she looked before she even got to the Valley of Fire, from our wonderful hair and makeup artists, Ruby Finch Salon. The first thing we noticed about Ashley were her eyes and her gorgeous hair. This girl’s eyes were absolutely mesmerizing,  and as sparkling as her gown. She owned that day. She owned her fab hair, her glam dress, her whole vibe. She owned it. WE loved it!  She had a saucy elegant wave in her hair, a vintage head nod to days past, and she rocked that hair; the deep rich, bright color, the wave, and the whole look was amazing. And the shoes is a whole other discussion! So much fun, and it was a marvelous day. Officiated by the fabulous Judy Irving, this couples heart felt words struck the hearts of many as they pledged their love to each other.

So our best and most happiest of all wishes to you both, as you start your married life together. We are so glad and grateful to have met and been able to create a wedding together with you, you amazing people! All the love from our Cactus and Lace Wedding family.

Location – Valley of Fire State Park, Seven Sisters Area

Flowers – The Front Porch

Hair and Makeup – Ruby Finch Salon

Officiant – Judy Irving

Guitar- RJ Fox

Photography – Reyanna Jarrel, Rachel Garcia, Lory Fabbi and Amanda Monk of Cactus and Lace Weddings

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