Valentines’ day is here! Love and all that amazing jazz!

Since we are all about love here at Cactus and Lace, we thought it would be a good time to share with you all the amazing food vendors we love and find great to work with. Since Valley of Fire is a raw venue, meaning there is no power or water or other other amenities, our food vendors need to be completely self sustaining. More importantly, they have to have great tasting, delicious food! We have taken the time to curate a list of people who value their work as much as we do. Dee-licious. Want to hear all about it?

Here’s a link to all the food vendors we recommend and use:

  • Peridot Sweets – Tiffany Jones is a master cake maker and dessert wizard. If it has sugar and needs to look pretty, we go to Tiffany. Here are some of her specialty flavors, these are not the standard vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet- these are so deliciously above the standard, but give you an idea of her skills. Some of her special flavors are : Peanut Pride, chocolate and peanut butter mousse, Tiramisu-vanilla cake, soaked with coffee syrup and mascarpone cream/Give Me S’mores0 chocolate cake, with ganache filling, homemade marshmallow, graham pieces/ Banana Brigade,/ Berries and Cream, vanilla cake/fluffy whipped cream and berries, Holiday parade-pumpkin spice cake filled with maple cream cheese and pecans… I could go on, but I don’t think my heart can stand all the goodness! But you get the idea! 
  • Yukon Pizza – an interactive wood fired sourdough pizza company. We have worked with him many times before, love his work; it is delicious and includes salad. He creates the pizzas in front of you to order and they are wonderful.
  • Sweet Sauce Coffee – does organic, local, cold buffet style with cheeses, salads, artisan breads, cold cuts,and finger foods, etc. We use her a lot, it is delicious and beautiful, but is a lighter menu. She can also do a coffee bar or full alcohol bar. (Her coffee and hot chocolates are amazing! REALLY recommend her!) – Sweet Sauce Coffee
  • Ray Ray’s Catering – Ray is from Italian heritage. Their specialties range from  pizza, to fantastic steak, all the way to stromboli and many many other dishes. You will not leave Ray’s table hungry.  –
  •  Chicali Tacos with Chef Gabriel. Who doesn’t love Tacos? And Gabriel is pretty entertaining while he makes them and he makes all kinds of them! They call him the DJ of Tacos!  He can be found on yelp or
  •   Santana’s BBQ – He can do all kinds of cuisine but he specializes in grilled and smoked meats, with sides of all kinds. Love Meat Tender is the word, ( a little Elvis BBQ humor, but mmmm, mmmm, mmm) It’s REALLY good. You can connect with him directly,, 702-249-3753 or via Instagram –
  • And now we are adding to that list Dapper Doughnuts. They are sweet little confections of love. The style, flavors and design can be tailored to the wedding theme so we can go doughnut crazy with lovely customization. They have the option of coming out to Valley of Fire and creating the doughnuts hot onsite. Or we can pick them up in advance and just have a doughnut bar.

With us being photographers, we didn’t want to just tell you, we needed to show you. So here’s a desert Valentine stylized shoot! So feast your eyes on these! Ask us about more options for food and treat vendors for your wedding.


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