What is the one thing that brings families and friends gathering from all over the country to Las Vegas? Love. Pure and simple. Love for each other as a bride for her groom and vice versa. A parents love for a now grown up child soon to enter into a loving marriage. Friends who celebrate the love of strong friendship, which now adds another cherished friend to the mix. We were honored recently to be able to witness this love of family and friends coming together to celebrate the wonderful wedding of Genesis and Oliver.

I love the name Genesis. It has meaning in its origin. a hint of new beginnings. And Genesis and Oliver are now creating a new beginning for their relationship. Marriage seems to take relationships just a little farther in their depth. Couples begin a new life, and that brings new adventures. Together.

As we planned for Genesis and Oliver’s elopement, we felt that they began their new adventures traveling to Las Vegas for their wedding. Family traveled from all over to be with them. So we developed a vintage travel theme, with old vintage suitcases which had logged many miles of adventures in a previous life. We included some real love letters from the 1940’s, in faded and worn small envelopes,tied in a neat little bundle with string.

We had Melissa of Epoch Design, who did a great job creating place names with authentic foreign postage stamps on them. We tied in amazing and exquisite flowers from our favorite florist, the Front Porch, as well as including the stunning bridal bouquet created by Genesis’ mom. Wow, we could not have asked for a lovelier atmosphere. With deep purple tones and bright greens and pinks, these accents really set the color scape. The exotic flower names like Bridal Pearl Waxflowers, Red Crane Kale, Purple Moonvista Carn, Patience Rose Garden, green hanging Amaranthus, Berzelia, and Hypericum hinted at places traveled far, far away. And we loved Peridot Sweets Bakery’s version of the naked cake, a rustic version of a lightly frosted 3 tier cake which was delicious! Presidential Limo provided the elegant, shiny black limo bus so everyone could ride together. We loved this family, they were so happy, lots of laughter and joy could be heard and felt. And, to our delight, they were game for anything. We even had them climbing 30 foot red cliffs (safely, of course!) at Seven Sisters in Valley of Fire for a group picture, and I mean everyone, unexpectedly, and happily for us, grandmothers and grandfathers climbed right up there too. And of course, Nemo, the amazing wonder dog!

We hoped you loved your day Oliver and Genesis, we loved creating it a little portion of it for you…. all our love, best wishes, and….many happy travels!

Vintage Travel-Valley of Fire Wedding – Oliver & Genesis (and a dog named Nemo) | Las Vegas Wedding

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