Less is more. As Micro weddings become more popular, it becomes easier for couples to be freed from the guilt of hosting a huge wedding; without feeling the pressure to do what’s traditionally expected. More and more couples are focusing on celebrating their love in a fun, memorial economic way; instead of having a huge traditional wedding by throwing an expensive, lavish party. There is no magic number that defines a Micro wedding, but we suggest under 20 people. The less people you have, the more you keep costs down. Make your wedding budget go further and have all the things you’ve dreamed about for your wedding by simply having a smaller guest list.

Questions to ask yourself before planning a Micro Wedding:

 Do more wedding guests make me happier?

  • You can only interact with so many people in one event. The more people there are, the less time you have. That means less time spent with the people you actually want to be interacting with on your wedding day.
  • The more people there are, the more pressure you’ll feel to entertain and spend money on the guest’s experience.
  • A larger guest list means limited options for the ceremony and reception venue. The smaller the party, the more options you have to get married at the location you want.

Can I still have all the wedding traditions I want with a Micro Wedding?

  • Of course! You can have as much or as little as you want, but without worrying about feeding and entertaining hundreds of people.
  • Custom fancy wedding cake, charcuterie cups, live musicians, open bar – all of this becomes more accessible and affordable when you have fewer people.

How can I turn people down who will be disappointed that I’m not having a big wedding?

  • Firstly, remember that this is YOUR wedding day, not theirs and you don’t need to bow to someone else’s desires, no matter how special they are to you.
  • Use the phrase “We are eloping.” That is a very clear and understandable way for loved ones to know they are not automatically invited.
  • Consider a destination wedding so that it’s easier to explain why your guest list will be limited. The distance will also naturally put up barriers for attendance.

But we still want to celebrate with our friends

  • Consider having a low-key reception dinner party back at home once you return.
  • An at-home backyard party lets guests celebrate with you without the large cost. Or even a meet-up at your favorite bar frees you from the pressure of buying food and drink.
  • Bonus – you get to wear your wedding dress twice!

How to chop your guest list as small as possible:

Questions to ask yourself when selecting who to invite?

  • Has this person supported my relationship?
  • Have you talked to the person in the last 6 months?
  • Will this person definitely still be a big part of my life in 5 years? 
  • Am I considering inviting them because someone else wants me to? 
  • Am I considering inviting them just because they are a family member or they are connected to someone else I want to invite? 
  • If they invited you out to dinner next week, would you even want to go?
  • How would you feel about spending 10 minutes talking to this person on your wedding day?

“How can I turn down someone who expects to attend the wedding even though I haven’t invited them?”

Try sending this text:
“I am so grateful that you are so excited about our upcoming marriage. We treasure your love and support. However, we have decided that we are going to elope in very small destination ceremony celebration. We are having only a few people with us. We know you understand. We hope you can join our wedding reception party that we’ll have once we return home from our destination wedding.”

And remember that when you book with Cactus and Lace, you’ve got a personal wedding planner that can help walk you through all the steps for your destination micro wedding. Offering advice and support in whatever way you need. We’ve got your back!

All our love, The Cactus and Lace Team

Why you want a Micro wedding and how to cut your guest list | Wedding Advice

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