Sometimes the sparks fly right off from the very start. Sometimes, though, even with sparks, it takes a good intervention from the best of friends to make it happen. Alana and Adam were introduced to each other at an AA meeting, and those aforementioned sparks flew between them, but then neither Alana nor Adam were sure of what needed to happen next.   Adam had tried showing up places where Alana often went, but would just miss her. They each talked about each other and thought of each other, but just couldn’t quite connect. That is until, one day, Adam had had quite enough beating around the bush and friend requested Alana’s best friend on Facebook and asked if he could have Alana’s number, as he was “frustrated and desperate to meet her.” On that fateful phone call, they spoke for an hour, obviously pretty comfortable chatting, until Alana asked Adam if maybe they could have dinner together. (Take note here ladies, sometimes these guys need a little help.) They met for dinner at a Thai restaurant and have been together ever since.

Adam and Alana got engaged in November of 2017. They had gone to Tacoma on vacation to check out that town to see if they wanted to move there. He had decided to ask Alana to marry him on this little trip. Adam, who is unable to keep a secret for long, proposed to Alana as soon as they arrived, telling her, “Since Tacoma is centered around our future, I thought this would be the best way to ask you to spend our lives together.”

This cute couple share so much together. They have a similar history, but are both so positive and share a bright outlook for the future. Alana says they have the same taste in music, style, art, design, and entertainment. They are best friends who crack each other up and make life fun. We have a feeling that whatever surprises life throws their way, they will be able to rise to the challenge and face life with a sense of humor.

Adam loves Alana’s laugh, her kind heart, and her warmth. In his words, “She is beautiful on the inside, and definitely outside.  She is generous, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving, plus she is an artist, which I always wanted to be, so I admire that about her.” And what does Alana love about Adam? “I can’t get enough of Adam’s silly, hilarious, and witty sense of humor. He is intelligent, charming, tall and handsome, but most of all, has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. He is also ambitious, and a seeker at heart.”

There is no doubt whatsoever, that Adam is Alana’s twin flame. Best friends really are the best, wouldn’t you agree? And remember that Thai restaurant location that started this whole deal? Well, guess where Alana and Adam are going on their honeymoon. Yup, Thailand. We thought you might like that.

Best wishes you two, from all of us here at Cactus and Lace!


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