Artie: “We met at a fundraiser… and talked for awhile, and then we ended up on the same softball team. I didn’t know she was on the team. When I showed up for the first game, I was late because of work, so I ran up, grabbed my glove, and headed straight out to the mound to start warming up. I picked up the ball, and looked at the catcher, and that’s when everything just stopped. As soon as I saw it was her, I lost all sense of everything else. The Umpire had to tell me to pitch the ball. I was in love right then and there.”

Now I am not sure you believe in love at first sight, and I am not sure you even love softball like Sarah and Artie do. But it gets even better. Listen up. Come close, get comfortable and let me tell you the rest of the story.

Soon after the softball game where Artie was struck senseless on the pitching mound, he and Sarah started dating. They would spend hours talking during and after the games, and pretty soon, they were inseparable. Artie loved her adventurousness, that look in her eye when she was up to something mischievous. She loved his ability to remind her how to be herself. The minute she found someplace new to go or something different to do, he would say, “When do we leave?” She loved that about him. She said, “We both found each other in the exact moment we needed to. We were drawn to each other, and have continued to help each other be the best versions of ourselves we can be. That sounds lame, but we fell madly in love, like something out of a crazy movie. Making out in a Jeep, and two weeks later we’re trying to avoid being the first one to say, “I love you.” Just like a bunch of teenage weirdos. But we’re adults, and it hasn’t faded, but rather grown.  And it’s like the most ridiculous rom-com movie you’ve ever seen.”

And for the last, but best thing of all of this mad cap love story, Artie proposed to this woman of his dreams, his “white lightening” love. Just like the old wives tale. So how did he propose? Sarah had sat down for a minute, just to relax, and Artie jumped on the chance. From another room, he called her dog over, and tied the box with the ring on it to it’s collar. He told Sarah to call her dog, thinking the dog would go over to her right away, she would see the ring, and stars would be in her eyes. What really happened was, the dog was so distracted by the box on the collar, he wouldn’t go to Sarah, and Artie ended up dragging the dog over with the ring still attached to the dog while the dog kept trying to eat the box off with the ring. Well, we didn’t say it was a smooth proposal, but Artie got the job done. We like his originality. And Sarah, she said…well, you know the end of this story already! She said,”YES!”

Congratulations to a wonderful, fabulous, loving couple! We loved meeting your family and friends, and we loved especially our time spent with you both! You are so good together, and we wish all the best wishes contained in the whole wide world for you both.

With all our love,

Lory and Rachel, and the whole Cactus and Lace Team!

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