This pandemic has been a wild ride for the wedding industry and the couples who were planning to have their wedding this year. These times have been scary, full of uncertainty for all of us as we navigate these “out of the ordinary” times. Many of our couples have postponed their weddings, rescheduling for the Fall of 2020, or even moved to 2021. There has been confusion, chaos, and fear surrounding many on how to proceed, kind of like picking our way barefoot through a thorn patch, getting stung, and stepping on briars just to get through.

As we talk with our clients, and both current and new, there is one thing we see quite clearly, and that is that love will not be squashed, nor confined, nor contained. It wants to float, and soar, and shine, just like water reflecting the sun, rippling and brilliant.

So here at Cactus and Lace, we are here for you and want to help navigate this pandemic with you. With Valley of Fire reopening again for weddings this summer and the marriage license bureau already open again – we are ready! Ready to get back to what we do best, plan and prepare for each of our couples a spectacular wedding in a place that is so beautiful, it is almost indescribable.

Why an elopement is a perfect idea right now:

Outdoors: Valley of Fire is perfect for an outdoor wedding during a pandemic! Wide-open spaces allow us to easily maintain the recommended CDC guidelines for the distance between individuals, and the fresh air and desert breezes ensure that safety is kept.

Flexible Rescheduling: We have always given our couples the options to change their date if the need arises. And with the uncertainty of life right now that can be a relief to know that you can reschedule up to a year if need be.

Small weddings: For a time, we may have to have some special restrictions on group sizes, but that can be a positive as that means people don’t feel excluded from the celebration as they know it for their own safety that they will not be attending as guests. Keeping the wedding very small makes for an intimate affair without having to be worried about pleasing the crowd. We specialize in small intimate ceremonies because we love them so much, then it can truly be a celebration of love instead of a family reunion.

Check with us on specifics for your individual wedding. But rest assured, we will make sure that we are well prepared in all ways to look out for your health, safety, your happiness, and your best day ever. We will plan a day that will be forever in your memories and especially, a day of joy, of beauty, surrounded by the love you have for each other. And in a few months, as the restrictions ease, if it is your preference, we will soon be able to give you that larger group wedding you may have been dreaming of, and waiting for. We can’t wait for that! Are you READY?

All our love, best wishes of health and safety to you all. From all of the ladies at Cactus and Lace!

COVID-19 Update: Ready for Weddings at Valley of Fire, Las Vegas

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