Meet Haley and Robert, a smashing, dashing, wonderful Aussie couple from Sydney! They love the desert and the red fiery rocks surrounding areas in Las Vegas as much as we do. But that is not what endeared us to them. After just finishing their wedding recently, and meeting their family and friends, it was driven home to us very strongly, that they have the kind of love that endures. We discovered this as we listened and watched them become united as one, husband and wife. One couple, one new life, and a ready made family to start life, with precocious and delightful Peyton, their little boy. We loved Peyton’s voice, as he called for his “mummy” and “daddy” in the most precious little Australian accent. (Yes, Americans are easily besotted by an accent other than our own, us ladies are, anyway. And those eyes! Peyton had the most beautiful eyes!) That endeared us right to that boy immediately, as well as watching him eat the occasional cupcake bribe Rachel offered to get him walking down the aisle, just before his lovely mum followed in her stunning wedding gown. (Adding a little hurrah here also for the love of Grandmothers, who wrangle active little boys with patient love and care during weddings and whom did such a good job!)

Prior to the wedding, Haley and Robert had mentioned to us that they wanted to add in their own vows during the ceremony. We love that! It seems to really make such an impactful moment for the couple, as they hear spoken the kind words of love and appreciation which come right from the heart of the other. And true to form, those words they wrote and spoke to each other, really did make an impact. When Robert began speaking his vows,  Haley listened, and it all seemed to become real in that very moment for her. She really was marrying this wonderful guy, Robert. And we watched as her tears came, and her heart took in the sweet messages he was telling her. That moment, was the crowning glory of the ceremony, we felt. And all of the speeches, toasts, cake cutting, and celebrating, although fun, and with warmth, love, and happiness, could only add to that one heartfelt moment.

At Cactus and Lace Weddings, we see quite a few weddings. Obviously, it is our business after all. But the ones we seem to enjoy the most, involve the couple who are able to express their love and devotion to each other, often in very simple words. Our officiant, Pastor Jason Ham, easily incorporated them into the ceremony. These little vows are just written from the heart. They are written by regular people, using regular words. But the power that comes from a few little words is immense. Poets have struggled to say what we felt that day, through the simple word.  Robert and Haley, you nailed it. It touched us, just to see your reaction to each other, in those quietly spoken and touching vows.

May your life be full of love, full of many of those simple little endearing words, full of surprises and joy, to hold your love as close as it was today. May the winds of life that blow your way, be reminders that wind and challenges, like the breezes that came on your wedding day, come, but also go. Hold hands and stay close, and remember what brought you to each other today. Congratulations with all our love, from Lory, Rachel and our team, at Cactus and Lace Weddings. “Hip Hip Hooray!”


Haley and Robert | Heartfelt Destination Wedding in the Las Vegas Desert

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