We, that is Rachel and I, here at Cactus and Lace Weddings,  were just talking about how much we are looking forward to the cool and lovely weather which generally starts the end of September and really hits the big lovely in October and November. Being locals, we wait for the air to turn crisp and to cool down after the extravagant high heats of the summer.  For many of us, October and November are the payoff months for suffering through burnt fingers touching hot steering wheels, running from the car to the air conditioning, and hopping from one cool spot of water on the pool deck to the next, all the time saying, “Ouch, ooch, ouch, ooch,” as you run! It really is quite comical!

October and November, even into early December bring mild temperatures, and it rarely rains. A great time to get outside and explore all Nevada has to offer. Many couples plan their weddings and subsequent honeymoons around these months, as well as in the months April and May. And the Valley of Fire vistas during these months are  hands down the best photographic red rocks around. We have Red Rock Canyon beat! And no hiking involved, our sites are just off the paved path, but with views that are so amazingly wonderful.

What a great idea to have your wedding in the Vegas desert during this time of year. We knew you were smart like that! It is pretty epic to do a elopement or wedding there, we have to admit. And, once your vows are said,  you and your guests can enjoy the cool desert and its spectacular scenery at Scenic Valley of Fire. Many of our clients look at other wedding companies advertising weddings and assume we are like them. Those folks spend about 15-20 minutes for the ceremony, shoot a few pics and load you back up on the bus. Yes, that is right, on the day of the wedding, the other guys bring out the bride and groom, and wedding party, and spend 15 minutes in the desert,  take a few pics, have the ceremony and head back to Vegas!

What! No way! Of course, we are very partial since this is our backyard, so to speak. We are in one of the most scenic places in the world, after all! The fire colored rocks, vast desert expanse, and cholla cactus, sage, desert flora and fauna (that means plants and animals for all you non science peeps out there) are out of this world amazing! At Cactus and Lace Weddings, after your vows are finished, we allow for an hour and a half give or take, to take pictures, sit and eat desserts and toast to the new couple, catch up on all the family doings with great auntie Sarah, get those precious family and friend hugs, explore the lovely area, and let people really experience the wonder and unreal beauty that is here. Most of all, after the hectic getting ready, and rushing that happens on a wedding day, after your vows, you can finally RELAX!

The views we have are really even more lovely than pictures can really portray. There is an ethereal beauty here, that is not explainable in words.  You really have to experience it, and then your life is changed forever! Ok, well, let’s just say, being here really will touch your heart and soul, and you will remember this day forever. Trust us, we are only telling you what our past brides and grooms have said.

So if you are recently engaged, we hope you think about having a wedding you have dreamed of for years, away from the hustle and bustle, in your own private paradise, in a place guaranteed to awe your guests, create an absolutely  memorable day, and head back to Vegas afterwards for that great Vegas night life awaiting you and your friends. Vegas performing artists include, Celine Dion, J-LO, Widespread Panic, and the O shows, Mystere and tons more.  Here is a link with all the events for October coming up in Vegas.

Or if Vegas party life is not your thing, then stay and hang out with us and think about having our favorite traveling pop up pizza guy, Yukon Pizza, set you and your guests up for wood fired artisan pizza in the desert! All of us work really hard to make  your day terrific! We would love to have you visit us and let us make your wedding or elopement carefree, stress free, and lovely. And at the end of it all, the desert will offer you the best wedding gift ever. A quiet moment holding each other on your wedding day, watching the sun set, and feeling the love you have for each other in that moment.

There we said it.

So just, simply elope…. feels good in your brain doesn’t it?

See you soon!

We knew you were smart like that | A Lovely Fall Wedding in the Red Rock desert of Valley of Fire

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