Jesalyn and Matthew both swore they would NEVER get on one of those online dating websites. Well, never say never, folks, because, yes you guessed it! That is exactly how they met!
Their friends kept pushing them and pushing them to get on an app called Bumble. They both resisted and said they were anti dating websites.
Peer pressured took a positive role in this relationship because gladly in this case, they caved under peer pressure.  And it was a good thing.

Being on the California west coast, their first date was a SF giants game. Jesalyn said “It was amazing, it was San Francisco, at sunset. And magic was in the air, and Matthew said on the first date, he knew she was the one.” She said, “I always thought that could not be true, love at first site. But something had brought us together and we both felt it.”

Jesalyn and Matthew are both creative people. She is a vibrant and loving children’s pastor at a Mega Church. She loves having a beautiful outlook on life. Matthew is a software product designer, a creative tech sort of person, but  he also is the creative designer for the church involving the arts, theater and music, all things like that. So this marriage was a great blend of great service qualities too.
How did he ask Jesalyn to marry him? “We had been dating for awhile,” she said. (Looking at him with joy, and those amazing sparkling eyes of hers) “and he asked me out to a special date. Over dinner, I did not realize what he had in mind, but he kept talking over and over about how natural and easy it was being with her and how their relationship just fell into place, even at the very first date. And he was saying things like that over and over on our date. He had taken me to Half Moon Bay, on the California Coast, at the secluded elegant Ritz Carlton, which sits on bluffs overlooking the edge of the magnificent Pacific ocean, with the waves crashing below. Just picture that. And he kept talking about how we just knew how we were so perfect for each other, over and over, and I thought, Oh my, he is going to ask me to marry him! I could feel it.  And after dinner we walked outside to this great vista of the ocean, no one was around. It was perfect and secluded, with green rolling hills running down to the ocean front. We wandered down to the ocean on this quiet little lonely path, and he went down on one knee and proposed, and I said looking right in his eyes without any hesitation. “Yes, I will marry you..”

No better answer than that for a guy to hear, and so today, Jesalyn and Matthew, a poster couple for the Bumble app, tied the knot, in front of family, friends, and their friend and officiant Scott. And pledged their lives to God and each other with words of love, faith, and affirmations of love.

Congratulations to you both! We enjoyed every minute, even the wild adventurous breeze that kept things pretty fresh, just like this couple, a whirlwind in their own right.

Jesalyn and Matthew | Never Say Never | Desert Elopement near Las Vegas

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