It is not often we actually get a couple from our hometown. (Our clients usually travel from all over the globe to be with us!)  But this lovely couple lives in Las Vegas; and even got engaged at Valley of Fire! How is that for a perfect wedding location!

Now we are pretty used to weddings, so we were not prepared to cry at this wedding. (In fact, we try really hard not to cry at weddings. We gotta look professional, right?) Of course, we are not successful usually – at least on Lory’s part. So as luck would have it, Nicole and Kris had asked a friend to officiate. And as the ceremony began, we felt what I would call a spiritual dew settle on us all. But as the ceremony went on; tears started to come to many of the guests as they listened to Kris and Nicole speak their vows and tell of their love for each other, and they began to visibly cry as they listened to the words of the officiant describing the couple and the love they held deeply for each other. Well, of course, we start to cry as well, as the same feelings come over us. Holy moly, it is hard to shoot a wedding when you have tears in your eyes!

So with emotions already heightened, the ceremony included another very touching  portion which was so beautiful. The officiant asked that the rings be passed to each person, and that one by one, they warm the ring in their hands, and add their feelings of love to that ring as they held it. As it was passed from person to person, you could feel the love they had for the couple being distilled onto those rings… seriously. It was magnificent to see and feel.

The wedding color tones mixed perfectly with the Rainbow Vista Area. The colors of purples mixed with deep, dark reds, whites, and greenery were repeated in the decor and flowers. And truthfully, for color, you cannot beat Rainbow Vista. I think someone was on their toes in the name department that day, looking out over rainbow colors of all hues, from the sand to the plants. Truly, it is a photographer’s dream.

Nicole is such a wonderful, sunshine person, and as we had worked with her prior to her wedding to bring her ideas to light, we loved her vision. Nicole was so excited when she saw how we had brought her ideas to life, she kept exclaiming “I came up with this, I can’t believe how beautiful it all is!” As if she was surprised her ideas would be so very lovely in reality. Well, Nicole, you did well. It was lovely, and we can’t tell you what an honor it was to work with you, and in our small way, make your wedding dreams come true. We just know your lives will be filled with many rich and fulfilling experiences which will continue to cement your newly formed marriage and family onto a firm foundation. We also have a tiny little taste of their day in a slideshow for you… click here… Kris and Nicole | Valley of Fire Elegant Elopement

Best wishes to you both, and all our love, from the Cactus and Lace Weddings team. Hurray for Kris and Nicole!


Nicole and Kris Elegant Elopement | Rainbow Vista

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