This is one of those love stories where the boy meets the girl and they fall in love. A typical love story you might say, it happens every day. But each love story is special, unique, and binds the boy and the girl so tightly that they never want to be apart. And we are so glad that we got to be a small part of this couple’s love story.

Even though Evie and Jay originally had a very different idea of what their wedding would look like, they ended up changing plans.  We are so glad they did, because we were able to meet this wonderful couple and help them put a wedding together in the loveliest place of rare beauty, the spectacular Valley of Fire.

Valley of Fire takes no back seats to grandeur. It is also a land of bighorn sheep, fire red earth and rocks, amazing sunsets of coral and orange, but also of peace, and quiet. The quiet is what you notice right away. The crunch of your shoes on the dirt, the screech of a hawk. Especially if you are used to the din and clatter of city life. The quiet brings a feeling of comfort, of perspective, of bringing attention to the important things. Like moms, dads, and siblings, friends, and family. The importance of love in family. The laughter of friends. And the memories of loved ones, no longer physically present, but just as real, with hints of their life and love for us, found in a smile, or the same look, laugh, or qualities they have passed on to their child. But also found in a photo of the loved one who is gone but always with us, in our hearts, like the photos you see here.

Watching Jay and the tender expression for his mom as she pinned on his corsage was beautiful, and amazingly tender. His face was saying “I love  you, mom” the whole time she was pinning that corsage on him… take a look for yourselves, can you see it too? And Evie, who had lost her mom early in her life, had a special claim on her dad as they walked down the aisle together, arm in arm. She was absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, and her dad, could not have been prouder it seemed.

So these are the moments we remember. The ones that keep us close to each other… and the reason why we love.

Best wishes Evie and Jay from us here at Cactus and Lace Weddings!

May you begin your own new lives together with joy, laughter, and let “the adventure begin!”

Wedding Venue: Valley of Fire at Gold Ridge

Wedding Planning- Cactus and Lace Weddings

Photography- Rachel Garcia and Lory Fabbi of Cactus and Lace Weddings

Hair and Makeup-Ruby Finch Salon

Flowers, Bouquet- The Front Porch Flowers

Artisan Coffee and Barista- Sweet Sauce Coffee

Stationary and Custom Wreath Sign Calligraphy- EG Letters


Winter Desert Elopement: The Adventure Begins for Evie & Jay

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