Nicole and Kris Elegant Elopement | Rainbow Vista

It is not often we actually get a couple from our hometown. (Our clients usually travel from all over the globe to be with us!)  But this lovely couple lives in Las Vegas; and even got engaged at Valley of Fire! How is that for a perfect wedding location!

Now we are pretty used to weddings, so we were not prepared to cry at this wedding. (In fact, we try really hard not to cry at weddings. We gotta look professional, right?) Of course, we are not successful usually – at least on Lory’s part. So as luck would have it, Nicole and Kris had asked a friend to officiate. And as the ceremony began, we felt what I would call a spiritual dew settle on us all. But as the ceremony went on; tears started to come to many of the guests as they listened to Kris and Nicole speak their vows and tell of their love for each other, and they began to visibly cry as they listened to the words of the officiant describing the couple and the love they held deeply for each other. Well, of course, we start to cry as well, as the same feelings come over us. Holy moly, it is hard to shoot a wedding when you have tears in your eyes!

So with emotions already heightened, the ceremony included another very touching  portion which was so beautiful. The officiant asked that the rings be passed to each person, and that one by one, they warm the ring in their hands, and add their feelings of love to that ring as they held it. As it was passed from person to person, you could feel the love they had for the couple being distilled onto those rings… seriously. It was magnificent to see and feel.

The wedding color tones mixed perfectly with the Rainbow Vista Area. The colors of purples mixed with deep, dark reds, whites, and greenery were repeated in the decor and flowers. And truthfully, for color, you cannot beat Rainbow Vista. I think someone was on their toes in the name department that day, looking out over rainbow colors of all hues, from the sand to the plants. Truly, it is a photographer’s dream.

Nicole is such a wonderful, sunshine person, and as we had worked with her prior to her wedding to bring her ideas to light, we loved her vision. Nicole was so excited when she saw how we had brought her ideas to life, she kept exclaiming “I came up with this, I can’t believe how beautiful it all is!” As if she was surprised her ideas would be so very lovely in reality. Well, Nicole, you did well. It was lovely, and we can’t tell you what an honor it was to work with you, and in our small way, make your wedding dreams come true. We just know your lives will be filled with many rich and fulfilling experiences which will continue to cement your newly formed marriage and family onto a firm foundation. We also have a tiny little taste of their day in a slideshow for you… click here… Kris and Nicole | Valley of Fire Elegant Elopement

Best wishes to you both, and all our love, from the Cactus and Lace Weddings team. Hurray for Kris and Nicole!


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Winter Desert Elopement: The Adventure Begins for Evie & Jay

This is one of those love stories where the boy meets the girl and they fall in love. A typical love story you might say, it happens every day. But each love story is special, unique, and binds the boy and the girl so tightly that they never want to be apart. And we are so glad that we got to be a small part of this couple’s love story.

Even though Evie and Jay originally had a very different idea of what their wedding would look like, they ended up changing plans.  We are so glad they did, because we were able to meet this wonderful couple and help them put a wedding together in the loveliest place of rare beauty, the spectacular Valley of Fire.

Valley of Fire takes no back seats to grandeur. It is also a land of bighorn sheep, fire red earth and rocks, amazing sunsets of coral and orange, but also of peace, and quiet. The quiet is what you notice right away. The crunch of your shoes on the dirt, the screech of a hawk. Especially if you are used to the din and clatter of city life. The quiet brings a feeling of comfort, of perspective, of bringing attention to the important things. Like moms, dads, and siblings, friends, and family. The importance of love in family. The laughter of friends. And the memories of loved ones, no longer physically present, but just as real, with hints of their life and love for us, found in a smile, or the same look, laugh, or qualities they have passed on to their child. But also found in a photo of the loved one who is gone but always with us, in our hearts, like the photos you see here.

Watching Jay and the tender expression for his mom as she pinned on his corsage was beautiful, and amazingly tender. His face was saying “I love  you, mom” the whole time she was pinning that corsage on him… take a look for yourselves, can you see it too? And Evie, who had lost her mom early in her life, had a special claim on her dad as they walked down the aisle together, arm in arm. She was absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, and her dad, could not have been prouder it seemed.

So these are the moments we remember. The ones that keep us close to each other… and the reason why we love.

Best wishes Evie and Jay from us here at Cactus and Lace Weddings!

May you begin your own new lives together with joy, laughter, and let “the adventure begin!”

Wedding Venue: Valley of Fire at Gold Ridge

Wedding Planning- Cactus and Lace Weddings

Photography- Rachel Garcia and Lory Fabbi of Cactus and Lace Weddings

Hair and Makeup-Ruby Finch Salon

Flowers, Bouquet- The Front Porch Flowers

Artisan Coffee and Barista- Sweet Sauce Coffee

Stationary and Custom Wreath Sign Calligraphy- EG Letters


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Sarah and Adam- A Wedding and British Tea Party in Valley of Fire With Peachy Keen Unions

Desert Tea Party!  Who can resist those words as decorators and stylists. We were ecstatic! What a great concept suggested by our couple! We loved bringing their wedding to life.

We also could not wait to see Sarah and Adam in person the day of their Valley of Fire intimate elopement. It had been such fun working with them via the Internet to arrange their wedding, and create this lovely day for them. The day arrived clear and bright in the lovely Nevada desert.  Sarah and Adam were excited to see what we put together for them!

We had arranged a wonderful pre-wedding photoshoot at the always amazing Neon Museum, the site of many of Las Vegas Historic Neon Signs from years ago. The outdoor museum is amazing to see and shoot among the antiquities of old Vegas signs. The neon signs have been restored as much as possible and really give the old Vegas vibes. After a short session there, this delightful British couple arrived in style via a Cadillac Escalade SUV out to the quiet cool mesas of the Valley of Fire.

November is usually a bright and sunny but cool time of year for weddings, and this year, the weather was really in our favor. Just a hint of a breeze, and warm sun, although it was a slightly cool in the shade. Sarah was lovely in her stunning lace knee length gown, looking terrific with hair and makeup by our lovely Ruby Finch salon. She was perfectly dressed for an elegant and intimate elopement. Can we repeat how much we loved her dress! Oh my goodness – adorable!

Angie Kelly, of Peachy Keen Unions, met them all as they arrived at the Valley of Fire, Seven Sisters location and performed a lovely ceremony for us all to witness. We love Angie, who is a dedicated, classy, warm and very genuine officiant. She has a great love for her couples to be, and does a marvelous job incorporating ceremonial segments as well as the speaking points most important to them. After she pronounced Sarah and Adam man and wife, Stella, Sarah’s mum, gave a valiant effort as flower girl, showering them both with rose petals as they walked together.

We were excited that Sarah had requested a tea instead of champagne toasts, and we loved that idea! We really love unique ideas that make each wedding belong somehow only to that couple. We found some vintage plates and tea cups, put an amazing floral centerpiece by The Front Porch Flowers into a vintage ceramic tureen and had lovely semi naked cake from Peridot Sweets, hot jasmine green tea, and some delightfully artistic “biscuits” (otherwise known as cookies for those of us on this side of the big pond), spelling out the word “LOVE”. These cookies were exquisitely crafted, by our cookie expert, Mary Ann. Take a look at them! Each one was perfection! Amazing! Tea with biscuits was just the thing!

The fun thing about Sarah and Adam is their sense of humor. They both were in rare form with their witty one liners and dry British humor. Rachel and I were laughing constantly while we were photographing these two.  We just enjoyed them both so much. They made a wonderful couple and we were happy to learn that one of Sarah’s dreams is to live abroad, and as luck would have it, Adam’s job will soon take them to France, where Sarah has wanted to go! Vive’ la France!

Our best wishes to both of you as you begin your married life together,  we so enjoyed being with you on a lovely November day! Please, stay in touch, we would love to hear all about your journeys together!

With love, Rachel & Lory


Photography and Planning- Rachel Garcia and Lory Fabbi of Cactus and Lace Weddings

Officiant- Angie of Peachy Keen Unions

Hair and Makeup- Ruby Finch Salon

Cookies- Simply Sweet Treats by Maryann 

Cake- Peridot Sweets

Transportation- Presidential Limo

Florals- The Front Porch Flowers

Venue- The Valley of Fire, at Seven Sisters Area

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Stylized Wedding Shoot Glittering Willows | Las Vegas Nevada

Hanging out with four beautiful ladies in four beautiful gowns and a bunch of my wedding industry friends – yea, that’s kinda my perfect day.  So honored to be asked to participate in this amazing shoot! The Las Vegas valley is so full of amazing wedding vendors and this shoot certainly showed that. Seeing everyone pull together to make this stylized shoot happen made me feel part of something really special. Mah! Love you all!


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Candice & Terrence – Rainbow Vista Valley of Fire

Candice and Terrence are the kind of people that make you smile all the time. Meeting them in person was a special privilege. Terrence has an easy going nature that just makes you laugh whenever he does. We could tell that Candice enjoys Terrence’s sense of humor, since she was laughing as much as we were whenever Terrence got going with his big smile and hearty laughter. These two were very much in love. They actually went to highschool together and graduated the same year but there was not the connection back then that they have now. After graduation, Candice married and had kids, but when that marriage ended, it took a while for her to start to date again. She noticed that Terrence friended her on facebook, and that was the beginning of how this sweet love began. Two years later plus change, here they are, getting married in the quiet desert of Valley of Fire, and honeymooning in Las Vegas.

Candice loves the soft pastel colors of the desert and the idea of just the two of them in this vast place, as she says, “kind of raw and honest, just like our love. Terrence helped me with some rough times after I divorced.” Pastor Ham gave a special prayer for these two, and we think God will bless them in their relationship for sure.

Candice and Terrence, it was our pleasure to get to know both of you better! What a lovely, stunning bride, and a  handsome groom! We loved working on your wedding with you and creating something both of you will remember for many years. May our love and best wishes go with you as you start you new life together.


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