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What to do when it’s going to pour buckets of rain on your outdoor wedding? We have lots of options, but the easiest way- you just reschedule to the following day, of course! That is exactly what we did! Eloping with only a few guests, makes changing the date last minute possible. Aren’t small weddings the best?!

Shannon and Michael, hailing all way from Australia, gave us a lot of creative freedom with decor and we went wild! We are so grateful to our wonderful clients, many like Shannon and Michael, who give us full trust to create and design for them.

So for this wedding location, we picked the Cabins at the Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas, Nevada. A small intimate little place right in the heart of deep red cliffs, and sandstone hand built brick cabins from 1930’s, and which were built to shelter the Conservation Corps troops during the depression era. They came to build the roads for the Valley of Fire, create camp areas, build trails, and forge out a tiny hint of civilization out in the great vastness of the Mojave desert, in this magnificent fiery place of jagged rocks and sharp geo-formations.

We used those deep fire colors as a theme, and had deep jewel tones of red, softened with pops of soft dusty blues, like the Nevada desert sky on a soft evening. Our textures ran from soft spun silk blue table runners, (so soft you just want to wrap your face in the softness of it all) to rough textured macrame, on the table as well as which made up a very cool backdrop for us by the cake table. For table decor, we built upon a lovely rustic wood Napa Table, provided by RSVP rentals in Las Vegas. we added fresh pomegranate seeds and berries to match the red macarons and bright deep red berries on branches in champagne glasses, gold rimmed plates, and gold hand lettered place names by Melissa at Epoch Designs. Our florals really brought out the deep, dark reds, with hypericum berries, Pheasant feathers, ranunculus, blush roses, amaranthus, parvafolia, black magic roses, safari sunset protea, deep red orchid,and brought in dusty blues via blue thistle and blue seeds of the eucalyptus in an epic flower explosion. We also used quail and guinea feathers to offset the deep reds and cool whites of the florals. We played up the winter theme a tiny bit by using the bold deep red berries on branches there too. All done so beautifully by our favorite florists at The Front Porch Flowers. And our cake, oh, our lovely cake. An amazing naked cake concoction of chocolate cake and whipped cream, with succulent fresh raspberries and blackberries, so sweet! Accents to the cake were tasty macarons, as well.  Skillfully and tastefully baked and decorated at Peridot Sweets by Tiffany Jones, the owner.

Everyone arrived via Presidential Limousines, looking all dolled up; with hair and makeup done by our favorite salon, with stylists team, Cora and Monet, at Ruby Finch salon. Shannon and Michael were married at the end of a beautiful bright, sunny, cool winter day. (Not a drop of rain!) They stood facing each other, at the head of a quiet, small red rocked canyon, surrounded by a circular ground formation of eucalyptus. They were accompanied by two best friends, Steph and Jackie, who traveled all the way from Australia to support their dear friends.

Shannon and Michael, very much in love, were great to work with, and are a very easy going, fun loving couple. All enjoyed each other’s company, and although the weather was a tad chilly in the shade, it was warm basking in their love and friendship; and all celebrated! Cheers!

They say that a rainy day is good luck for a wedding. At least, that is the wive’s tale. And for Sean and Kasey, it seemed that the old verbiage is true. For, although the day started out with a steady drizzle as Sean and Kasey and their large party of family and friends arrived at the beautiful Valley of Fire, after a short wait the clouds seemed to dry up, and we received full cooperation from Mother Nature. We loved our gentle inclement weather though, because the gentle soft rains made the red sands absolutely vibrant, and the clouds added a wonderful sense of the dramatic to our photography, and also because to keep warm, Kasey wore a lovely stole over her gown that kept her pretty warm. It looked great on her and she wore it with such grace.  To keep everyone else warm, Sweet Sauce Coffee kept everyone comfy with flavored hot chocolate and special coffee blends at her barista cart.

Kasey and Sean had special vows prepared for the ceremony for Pastor Ham to read, and there were some very lovely as well as funny moments during the ceremony. In addition, we had contacted a wonderful string quartet to serenade Kasey as she and her bridal party  proceeded down the aisle beginning with a lovely rendition of “Come Now Fount of Every Blessings”, as well as other songs. Music added a lovely touch to this very amazing wedding. During the ceremony, Kasey’s special friend played a wonderful musical piece on the guitar. And one of my favorite moments; as they listened to the special number, they cuddled together to listen and held hands. I love to see it when a couple treasures each other, holds hands, and even smooches a bit…Yay for love!

And guess what flavor they chose for the cake?  Yup, my all time favorite, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Peridot Sweets, a top notch Las Vegas bakery created a wonderfully decadent cake with silver and white delicate filigree covering each of the four corners of the two tier and very delicious cake. And sitting atop the cake were three animal figurines representing Kasey, Sean, and Mary, Sean’s sweet little daughter who is five and a cutie. A polar bear, elk and cute little cub represented the new family. And, last but not least, lining up the dessert bar were a variety of multiple cupcake offerings guaranteed to fill every sweet tooth, and decorated with purple butterflies, white polka dots on purple and lavender, and cute little miniature bouquets resembling a perfect little miniature carnation in white.

And not to be outdone, the Front Porch Flowers created a wonderful array of floral creations full of lush greens, peonies, and roses. Gracing the arch were impressive floral sprays and green cascading down the arch with flowing lavender and white fabric. Fabulous floral always brighten up even the gloomiest of weather. Such a lovely day! And Sean and Kasey ordered a lovely album of their wedding. It turned out beautifully and was delivered in a hand carved wooden keepsake walnut box.

Kasey recently said in an email to us,

Dear Rachel and Lory,
We received both packages yesterday, and everything is perfect! So many treats–I love it. Thank you for all the hard work you did. It really was such a tremendous experience and now we have beautiful ways of remembering it!
Kasey and Sean
Friday, June o2, 2017
Rachel and I would like to add, best wishes! And a long and very happy life together! Ciao!

Valentine’s Day! The easiest day to remember your anniversary! Not married yet, but thinking about it? Check out this all-inclusive wedding day deal for February 14, 2017 from Cactus and Lace Weddings in Las Vegas, Nevada! Although we love Vegas, our weddings really stand out because they are so beautiful, elegant, and we really know how to throw an amazing wedding. Why? Because we use the fabulous scenery of the Valley of Fire. This area is absolutely unbelievable in its beauty. And what better place on Valentine’s Day, than being married among the fiery red rock formations and amazing vistas. It really is one of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas!

Cactus and Lace Weddings provides elegant elopement services that are all inclusive. We specialize in intimate, stylish weddings in the spectacular surroundings of the pristine desert. We provide the most luscious wedding cake and desserts, the most romantic floral arrangements for our stylized décor, and, an absolutely stunning bouquet for the bride, we really go all out!  We arrange for the officiant and luxury transportation as well. And here is the real scoop for a sweet deal! For this day only, Valentine’s Day, we are offering a once in a cherry chocolate special. Ready to hear it? Be prepared to save a little over $3,000.00 off the cost of a complete all-inclusive wedding! Just our bride and groom at a sweet little private event. This industry has given us so much, we have made great friends of the brides and grooms we serve and so, we want to give back.

Contact us via our website, , fill out our contact form, ask any questions you have, and mention the Valentine’s Day Special. Have the best wedding anniversary date ever – Valentine’s day, the sweetest day of the year, and in the most magnificent of all locations, the fabulous Valley of Fire!


Location: Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 – 11am to 5:30pm
Transportation from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Valley of Fire and back
We will also be providing a beautiful lunch and gourmet coffee bar; as well as a few goodies to take home too!
Cost:  $400 (Return attendees $350)
We are so excited to once again offer a wonderful shoot out in the stunning red rocks and breathtaking scenery of the Valley of Fire. We will feature stylized setups in an intimate, relaxed, easy paced setting this year. One of our goals is to provide you with lots of shooting opportunities to practice your skills, have amazing images to use in portfolios, get to know new friends, and have fun doing that! So we are really limiting the number of attendees this year! That means lots of shooting practice time for you. But it also means, if you want to come, don’t delay. You will lose out! Trust us, we turn away attendees every year we have done this! We won’t say it becomes a cattle stampede to sign up, but it kind of gets that way!
To keep our workshop innovative and fresh, we are focusing on providing some wonderful detailed floral necklaces for our models to wear. You will love the look of these cutting edge floral designs as well as geode stone decor included in our stylized sets. Stunning! And, courtesy of Rey of Light Seniors, we’ll have 2 fully styled high school senior girl models and a bride & groom couple as models. Come enjoy being with us in this stunning location and spend time creating with us! Our attendees in years past really rave about their experiences, and we love to hear that!
We have an amazing list of supporting vendors this year:
Our sponsors will be putting in for some giveaways and goodies as well:
 To reserve your seat please email us at Spaces are limited so make sure to contact us soon!
UPDATE: We’ve just add A HORSE to the shoot as well!! So now, it’s truly, not to be missed!

Bright, Bold, Beautiful. Three words that describe our sassy, wonderful, Isabel. (She says she gets the sassy from her Cuban mother. We can see where there might be a little fire transferred genetically). Marty and Isabel hailed from Darwin, Australia (pronounced Dahwin, mind you) and they wanted an outdoor cake reception. One where their family and friends coming from across the ocean to see them married would be comfortable and enjoy the moment with them. Of course, Rachel and I both love the Aussies, all of them being the warmest, funnest folks on the planet, so we said, “YES, OF COURSE!! We would love to help!” And the plans began flying as we met with Isabel and Marty via Skype to create an elegant elopement just for them in the fabulous scenery of the Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas.

Isabel and Marty wanted to provide the best experience they could create for their friends and family. Isabel really cared about their comfort and wanted to make sure they were well taken care of.  So we made sure her guests traveled well, in style and comfort, via Earth Limo. She wanted “the PARTY BUS!”.  So the folks at Earth Limo sent a vehicle so decked out, Rachel and I were pretty much in awe.  As the guests stepped off the bus after arriving at Valley of Fire, they headed straight to the coffee and hot chocolate bar by Sweet Sauce Coffee, ably manned and owned by the barista, Carmen Caristo. There was quite a crowd circling around Carmen for sure.  Custom blended coffees, and hand mixed flavors and exotic spices perked that crowd right up as we waited for our lovely, fabulous bride to arrive in style in a limo from Presidential Limo, accompanied by her parents.

As she arrived, and walked to her love Marty, lovely strains of acoustical guitar music sweetly surrounded the red hills, expertly played by musician RJ Fox. And our first look at Isabel, well, she was absolutely stunning. She was so excited, she was just shining. Her hair and makeup were flawless, lovely, and perfectly done by Cora, co owner of Ruby Finch Salon. In fact, her lipstick was amazing! The color chosen for Isabel was a perfect match for the bold, deep fuchsia pinks in her bouquet, an amazing display, created by The Front Porch Flowers, and for the first kiss as man and wife, she planted a big, kiss on Marty. That lipstick had staying power. And Marty? Well, he didn’t seem to mind at all, of course!

We love to customize weddings in any way we can. So we were excited when we had a special request from Isabel for some custom cookies. Guess what they were! Cats and Panda Bears! Tiffany at Peridot Sweets created some darling, creatively, designed cookies, just for our couple. She also created a huge, 3 tier custom cake that was sooooo delicious and the filling was, oh so wonderful, imagine smooth as silk,  creamy truffles between two chocolate cake layers, oh….my… goodness… Magic.

On that sweet note, we will leave you to peruse some images of this wonderful couple, their friends, family, and fondly leave you on a sugary high…. best wishes Isabel and Marty! All our love, Cactus and Lace!

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